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Pedro Salgado - World champion of the Parkour Speed Contest 2011

24 January 2015

It's too bad most people in Portugal only pay attention to football, because then they miss a lot of other spectacular people that make our country known in the world.

Thanks Pedro!

Skydiving video - Suren Weekly #7 - 2012

24 January 2015

Last Sunday was fantastic: 4 wingsuit jumps, practicing with the team (including some artsy pushovers in the air and some failed back fly attempts, hehe), and a belly practice jump with Clara.

You can also see the video on, if you want :)

Skydiving video- Suren Weekly #4 2012

24 January 2015

Crap, two months since i last blogged. I should do something about that. That was my thought just now.

And, without further ado, here's my skydiving video from last week (this week's still in editing :)). As you can see we are improving, getting ready for the international artistic championship in August. It's gonna be awesome!

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