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Money money money

24 January 2015

I wonder why it feels harder to spend 500 Euro in this


than this


Any thoughts? :)

Thoughts on writing

24 January 2015

Sometimes i wonder why anyone enjoys writing at all.

As if my mind was not confusing enough, with all the absurd and senseless thoughts that run through my head all day long. Why the hell would i want to write any of that on paper? For later to recall, as the famous Portuguese ad went? I know i will "later" laugh while reading all of it but that can't be the only purpose? To organize chaos? To try to motivate myself to write, so i don't lose the skill? To not allow my calligraphy to complete...

Is Bin Laden dead? I'll believe it when i see it.

24 January 2015

Are you kidding me? His body buried in the sea? This is the most wanted person in the history of the world and they don't bring back the body to prove - without a shadow of a doubt - that he is truly dead? Give me a break.

I'll believe he is gone when i see a body, no matter what Obama says.

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